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Google Adsense is a Amazing site for Earning through website.peoples can earn thousand of dollars per Month.It is a unique method for earning through website.Google Adsense is basically a advertising company,he gives a opportunity to show ads in your website or blog when any body can click  ads company can give money to the owner of the website but unfortunately adsense rules are very restricted,when any website owner can't fellow  or break these rules.

The adsense can ban there Account and there is also a big major problem is website ranking if your website has low traffic the adsense can't approve your account then you can not disappointed  i decided to telling about unique adsense alternative ad network

1- Infolinks


Infolinks is the most popular advertising program offering for both Advertiser and publisher.In advertiser it is basically on in-text ad program.Infolinks is best for small blog which monetized there blog or website with infolinks while keeping the look & feel undistributed.In text-ads means that you don't need have a extra space on the sidebar or header or everywhere in your just need a quality content and there you go.Infolinks offering 4 types of different ad unit INFOLD,INTAG,INTEXT and INSCREEN

What are my payment options?

There are many payment options available in Infolinks to receive Payment: Paypal,Bank Wire,eCheck,ACH (only for U.S Bank Accounts)Local Bank transfer and Payoneer.Minimum Payout for Wire transfer is $100 while for all other Payment options is $50.
Paypal is not Available in Pakistan and India the best Option is eCheck and Payoneer Bank Account to Payout your Payment.

adsense-alternative is a big platform of advertising contextual ads network that  mean it work on context advertisment on the page.Contextual advertisment is better than the other types of is the Powered of Yahoo and Bing that is reason you see the high quality ads on the Support high traffic websites if your website traffic is poor or low then you can't apply for the because it reject low ranking website. Support Paypal .The minimum Payout is $100




Bidvertiser is another Amazing Publisher Program that is fast and easy to display ads on there website and earn money.Bidvertiser program is free and give money from valid clicks of ads in the website.It is easy to use just copy the HTML code and Paste it in your website.

I recommended the newbibes to use bidvertiser program because bidvertiser can't demand high traffic.The Bidvertiser Payment method Support Paypal and Check.In Paypal $10 and $100 Check Cashout.


adsense alternative

Clicksor is also a famous publisher program it is  like a bidvertiser program.Clicksor is a contextual advertising network based on content targeting.Contextual advertising also helps improve the users’ overall online experience because they will only see ads relevant to the content on the website. It can maximize the earning potentials of both advertisers and publishers as the ads are more targeted to what the users are searching for and thus the ads are more likely to get clicked on.I also recommend the newbibies to use this program,

Payment method 

• Check
• Visa/Master Card
• Wire Transfers




Chitika is also a Famous Advertising and Publisher Program that is used for Earn Money through monetized there website.The difference between this ad network and others is that Chitika only displays ads to search engine visitors.They offer 26 different ad sizes that you can use on your web site or blog. This means that they appear to have the sizes most people would want to display. Not only that, but each ad unit is completely customizable by simply changing the Javascript that you insert into your pages.While it may seem that Chitika is a great way to make money for your web site or blog.

 So how will I get paid

There are two payment methods offered at Chitika: PayPal or Check.In Paypal you have at least $10 and $50 for Check.


adsense alternative


 AdHitz is a Famous publisher Program that is used for Earning Money.AdHitz allow normal website or blogger to Earn Money.This Program allow Normal traffic to the website or blogger to Monetized. It is simple to use AdHitz Program just Sign Up the Account. Create the HTML code and Paste into your website or Blog.AdHitz offer 13 different sizes for text ads and 4 different sizes of image ads.Payments are Sent by Paypal and Payza Account.

7- Adfly

adsense alternative

  Adfly is a shortener url service that allows to people to make extra Money with links that have in your website.people pay to advertise with adfly and people who shrink there links with adfly. when you reach the minimum $10 dollar then paid you Money.Adfly Support Paypal,Payza and Payoneer.



9-Conversant media




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