18 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home without Investment

On this page you’ll find the best ways of make money online in your spare time or start online business. In brief we will tell the top and Easy ways of make money online. Please share your Experience in the comments for find more ways.


1-Earn money through online Surveys:

Online surveys is easy way of earning at home in Spare time. Few minutes of Answering there question you can earn good money. Companies can give money of testing and checking their Products.

Surveys are the best jobs for home people like students, moms, old man, retired people etc

One survey price is $0.90 to $10 per survey. Surveys are depends on your location and profile.

My Clixsense Earning details are given below how i earn money with online surveys.


Popular surveys sites are Clixsense, Toluna, Global Test Market, iPoll etc.

2-Start your own website:


Earn money through website is a popular way of earning it likes a cash machine in this way you make money while you Sleeping.

Starting a website with Hostgator takes less than 20 minutes, Costly hardly but good way of earning. After making website share in Social media to get visitors and then you can many ways to monetized your website.

3-Earn money through Blogging:

start blogging business
Blogging is a popular way of earning but it is little difficult or every person can’t do this job. Blogging is a profitable business you also say it is a gold mine thousand of peoples can earn money through blogging.

You can make blog in two platforms one is blogger.com and other is wordpress.com. I recommended you to make first blog in Blogger.com as a free of cost

Blogger is basically writing job if you’re interested in writing then it is not difficult to you for writing good article whose topics that you are knowledgeable or passionate to write it write about Information Technology, Business, and Engineering etc

4-Earn money through YouTube:

make money with youtube

It is easy and best job for students and Home Peoples in Extra time. You can make videos and upload in YouTube Channel. YouTube can give money on viewing your videos.

 You can do three things to earn money through YouTube.

1-Join YouTube Partner Program
2-Create interesting videos
3-Upload on YouTube and Start earning

You can easily make $200 to $1000 per month uploading 2-3 videos in Week.

5-Earn money through Bitcoin:

bitcoin earning

Bitcoin is a digital (Cryptocurrency) but very expensive for other currencies.Bitcoin earning is difficult for other ways. There is many easy ways of earning bitcoins.These are

1-Earn Bitcoin through viewing ads or complete tasks
2-Earn bitcoins from mining
3-Earn bitcoin through Trading
4-Earn bitcoin through Playing games
5-Earn bitcoin through faucets

How to Earn bitcoin online


how to earn fiverr

Fiverr  is a global online market place where you can do Services in $5.Fiverr is a good opportunity for freelancer to earn money.

There are hundreds of things that you can do in Fiverr in $5 to $1000 or more.

You can sell your ideas, Create Accounts like fb,yahoo,Google,website developer, logo design, Graphic designer ,web banners, data entry work, increase web traffic etc

1-Brief explain how to Sell items through gigs
2-How to Create Gigs

7-Affiliate Marketing:

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another way of earning but it is difficult for other ways. If you are hardworking and Social Connects then it is best job for you.

Affiliate marketing means affiliate with online merchant and promote their products.

You will get Commission whenever someone Completes an action like Sign up, Purchase item through your promotion link in return you can earn 4% to 20% Commission.

There are hundreds of websites where you Can simply sign up promote their products and earn money. Popular websites are Click bank, Amazon, eBay, Click junction etc.

8-Freelancing job:

freelancing job

Freelancing is the one of the best way of making money. You have any online skills which you are in expert.

Freelancer can make $500 to $5000 per month depending on work.

There are hundreds of jobs in the internet like design logo, Graphic designer, web developer, write article, virtual assistant, data entry, Coding, Seo  and many more.

Many popular websites where you can earn money like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr etc.

9-Earn money through Making applications:

make money with apps

It is best jobs for students today is the information technology era everything is in one click. in this way you can make application and earn good income but you have a knowledge and experience of making apps.

You will get paid $100 to $1000 or depends on your application. There are many tutorials in the internet to help how to make app.

10-Forex Trading:

forex trading

Forex Trading is a popular way of earning and best job for Students, moms,part time, retired person who has good knowledge of Market.

Enter this market you have good knowledge of Trading otherwise you lose your money.

There are many tutorials, lectures in the internet about forex trading.

11-Web Designing:

web designing
Web designing is the hot business and it is known popular if you have an idea of web designing and development then you can make good money.

Web designer can make money $100 to $3000 to developing one website or depends on website.

You can make money online or offline taking order from customers who are interested to develop their website.

12-sell old things:

sell old things

It is another way of earning there are many old things that are not used in Home. First you can search old things that are not used in Home.

There are two way of selling old things

1-Sell on internet: First you can take high quality photos and upload in the internet any person that are interested in your things he call you and sell in the good amount.

2-Sell in the market

13-Sell online Photos:

sell online photos

It is best job for student and Experience who is creative and interested in photography. you can sell your online photos in the internet.

In this way you can take photos of nature, animals, places, etc and sell them online. Whenever interested Customers Purchase your Photo you will get paid as you price fix.

There are many online website where you can sell your photos likes Shutterstock, istock, Fotolia etc

14-Data Entry job:

Data entry jobs

If you earn an Extra income then Data entry job is best for you. Data Entry is good and Easy job for students and Experience who has good typing speed.

You can get paid up to $2 for every $1000 words.

There are many Online websites need data entry typist like Upwork, Freelancer, fiverr  etc

15-Micro jobs:


Micro jobs are another way of earning it is also best for students who are interested. Micro-job are the small tasks jobs that are complete in short time.

Micro jobs are the small jobs like Sign up, Create Google account,Fb share,Comment,youtube view etc.
You will get paid on complete every tasks.

You can See My earning in the Picture.

There are many micro-tasks website where you can join like Microworker, Amazon Turk, Rapid worker etc.

16-Ad Clicking Job:

Pay to Click

It is the easy job for any person who is interested in online earning. These sites are known as PTC sites there are many websites in the internet but some are legit.

In this way you can view advertisement for 5 to 60 Seconds & get paid for each and every advertisement you view.

There are many websites where you can register & make money without any investment.

You can Check list of Best PTC Sites Sign up and enjoy earning.

17-Writing Job:

writing online jobs

Writing job is another way of earning and content writers have a great demand. You can get paid $10 to $100 for writing 1000+ words Content.

You can write for blogs, Companies, Institutions, Individual people etc.

There are many websites where you can Find the Content writing jobs like UpWorkFreelancer, Fiverr etc.

18-Domain Trading:

Domain trading

Domain trading is a good online business and huge profit but you need some investment for buying the domains. 
You has good knowledge of domain trading before start this business.
You can buy domain from Godaddy or Hostgator  for less than $10 to $15.

When companies or individual person don’t find the domain of there choice they Contact the domain owner for deal and you can sell them in thousands.

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