How to Make a Account and make money online

In this Post I will told you how to make a Account. is online freelancing marketplace where you can bid the project. After Successfully Complete the job client give you the Money.

I will tell you Step by Step with Screen Shots how to Create Account and Earn Money.

Step 1:

open the website

freelancer marketplace

Step 2:

Click the Sign up button Enter Email Address and Password.You can also Sign up with Connect with Facebook.
Freelancer signup

Step 3:

Your Freelancing Account is Create then verify through Email and Phone no and Complete Profile.
verify account

Step 4:

Your Dashboard look like this

Freelancer dashboard

Step 5:

Then Click the Work option and Find Work In which you interested and Experience like given below:

find work

Step 6:

open any easy job that You can Complete in time.Read all description carefully then Bid on the project.

bid on the project

Step 7:

After Click Bid on the project set Hourly Rate and weekly Hours and Describe your Proposal (education,experience,reference etc) then Click Place Bid.

hourly and weekly hourdescribe your proposal

If You face any Problem or question in any Process then Feel Free to Contact us.We can Solve your Problem free of Cost.

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