How Solar Panel system produced free electricity for home-solar system

Solar panel are devices that convert light into electricity.A solar cells is a combination of solar panel.This is called solar panel.
Solar is the Latin word of "SUN"and it is powerful source of energy without solar there is no life.The vast Amount of solar energy it is freely available in the world.


Solar cell is a device that convert light energy directly into electrical energy.A small solar cells is a combination of solar panel.These cells are fix in big sheet and then he produced electricity.A one solar cell produced 0.5 volts.These cells are semiconductor you can also seen these small solar cells in calculator,Mobile phones,large array of solar cells are used in cars and power satellite cells are also called photovoltic cells.
 A solar system can produced 75% to 90% electricity in the home.

Types of solar panel

There are two types of solar panel.These are


•      These solar panels are in black cells
•      Good efficiency
•      Give 100% Result
•      It is suitable in cool countries or city


•     These solar panels are in blue cells
•     Low efficiency
•     It is suitable in hot countries or city


Solarpanel age is 25 year or above


•   Provide free energy
•   Save Money in electrical bill
•   One time invest
•    Increase the value of your home
•    Good for Environment, no pollution

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