what is linux operating system-Features of linux operating system


What is Linux

Linux is an operating system which was first developed  in the 1960s,by operating system,we mean the suit
of programs which make the computer work.IT is stable,mult-iuser,multitasking system for servers,laptops
and desktop.
Linux system also have a graphical user interface similar to Microsoft window which provides an easy to use the environment

Types of Linux

There are many different versions of Linux fedora,Red hed etc

Features of linux:


Linux is a multi-platform from operating system,it runs on many computer models.


Linux is free in internet


Linux can run on almost any hardware


Multiuser means that hubdreds of people can use the computer at the same time over a internet,laptop/computers,network.

5-High level security

Linux provides a very high level of security by using user identification.It stores passwords in an encrypted form. The password once encrypted can't be decrypted

6-stable operating system

Linux is a complete operating system that is stable.


Linux servers are very reliable

8-Multiprocessor support
Linux supports multi processor.


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